Monday, May 23, 2011

Blue Diamond Azure Drop Update!

Hi everyone,

Our stop will be delivered to by 5pm tonight! I know it's a really inconvenient time so if anyone needs me to pick it up for them & arrange a time later with me to pick it up...that's number is 250-2363. Otherwise see you all there :)



Mikey and Heidi said...

I am so excited that I found this page! My husband and I just moved to Las Vegas and I thought our days of grass fed beef were over! I've never been a part of a co-op before, and I understand the basics of how it works. My one concern is that both my husband and I work a standard M-F daytime jobs, and I'm not sure I would be able to meet for the drop points. How do others usually handle it? And also, is there usually a minimum amount of times we need to order in a certain time frame. With just the two of us, we don't eat that much! Thank you!

Mikey and Heidi said...

Also, for some reason, I couldn't send an email. It said that password wasn't correct, but I know it was! Thanks!

Co-op Organizers said...

Hi Heidi...welcome to Vegas! Each co-op on the blog is run differently and you'll need to read through the page for each to see how it works. As far as pickup...Azure is usually evenings, Bountiful Baskets is Saturday morning, & Frontier is whenever. The only one that may conflict with your work schedule would be the Bar 10 Beef but you can make other arrangements ahead of time with the organizer. There is no requirement for any of the co-ops on the frequency of ordering or participating. If you have other questions I'd love to answer them privately. Please try the contact us page again. I did test it and it's working and I've also received emails from other people recently. :)
~ Marie

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