Sunday, March 31, 2013

Las Vegas Herb co-op reminder

Orders are due to me by midnight 4/3/13 (this Wednesday).  

Please gather your list by visiting the Mountain Rose Herb's website here (We receive 15% off everything!)  email me by APRIL 3rd with the items of what you'd like.  You can 'Shop' as normal and cut/paste the cart to send me your list. The more orders we get, the larger the discount becomes, see below for details! 

Contact me at or 702-480-8702 if you have any questions. 


We order as a group to receive 15% discount from Mountain Rose Herbs on all items, as well as a larger discount on bulk herbs when we get to a large volume, up to 25% off of dried herbs and teas when we order in 1 pound sizes.   
Here's the steps to ordering with the Las Vegas Herb Co Op:
1. Each member will view the Mountain Rose Herbs website and choose what they'd like to order and email their order to me by midnight on the 3rd of each month. Please include the item number if there's any chance of confusion on your order.  ie, and organic version and a regular version, or sweet cinnamon chips vs. cassis chips. etc. I will tally up the order, apply the 15% discount and also apply a $6/per person shipping fee.  Shipping for large items will be additional.
2. I will email you the total amount of your order, including the discount and shipping. Shipping will be $6 per order or more if you order large items (ie 5 gallons of oil or 5# of clay, 12# of herbs, etc).  You will need to confirm the order via email before I place the order, if email is not convenient for this please arrange for phone communication.  
3. You will need to have a paypal account and paypal your total to this email address/paypal.
4. I will place the order on the 3rd this month and notify the group when it's been received and ready for pick up.  The order takes about 10 days to arrive since it get's routed internally for our group discount.  
6. Each person will be responsible for picking up their purchase from my home,  1868 Quartz Landing Ave 89183.

I can occasionally deliver to you, depending on where you are located, I drive between the west and east side of the valley at least once a week.

thank you for being a part of the LVHC!

Frontier time

Just a reminder that Frontier orders are due on the Frontier wholesale website if you want to order in April. Please get your items entered as soon as possible.


Frontier sells many items that support healthy living at approximately 40% off retail prices. The organizer places the order, pays for the entire order, sorts the order and you reimburse them when you pickup.  
Frontier Organizers:
Marie - SW Spring Valley - Ft. Apache between Tropicana Ave. and Russell Rd.
Amy - Downtown - Maryland and Sahara


Here is the link to view products that are available through Frontier.
There is also a yearly printed catalog that you can get in paper or PDF version. The paper version is available through the website as item #8. The PDF version is available online and can be downloaded to your computer.
Here are the links to the Catalogs:
July 2012 - June 2013 Catalog
Sales Catalog (for March) Near the middle of each month the next Sales Catalog will be available online, just change the month in the above address to the next month and you can access it.

At the end of each month the organizers will post a reminder on the blog that it is ordering time and tell you what day they are hoping to place their order by. They will try to place the orders in the first few days of each month. This helps to make sure that items that are on sale are still in stock.

To Order
E-mail us via the Contact Us Page. Type "Frontier" into the Co-op/Organizer field. Request an invite to become a shopper on the website. Please include your first & last name, email address and phone #. Also include whether you want to order from the Downtown or Southwest location. The respective organizer will respond to you within 48 hours.
You will be sent an email invite from Click on the link and setup a shopper account in order to place an order on the website. Your email invite will expire in 1 week if you do not setup your account and you will have to request another one. Please keep track of your username and password.
Go to "My Order" in top right corner. All you need is item #'s and quantity. You can also search through the site and easily add items to your cart.
Your order will show as a “Draft” until you “Approve” it. The organizer will not be able to include your order with the group order if it is not “Approved”.
Please note that if you do your order early in the month the status of particular items may have changed by the time the order is actually placed at the beginning of the following month. You may want to double check your order closer to the 1st of the month. Also, sale items are based on the current month...for example if you are working on your order on Feb. 28th you will see sale prices for February. The order will not be placed until March and March sale prices are not shown until the 1st so this may change your order a bit.
You can make changes to your order at any time even if you have already "Approved" it until the final group order has been placed.
There is a small fee of $.25 per item to help compensate the organizers for their time. This fee will be added to your order when you pickup.

How to Pay:
You can choose to pay in CASH/CHECK when you pick up your order or PayPal Funded or Credit Cards (you pay all fees) PRIOR to pick-up.
Please refer to the Payments tab for PayPal payment instructions or to the individual organizer.

If you are interested in being a Frontier Organizer, please contact us for more information.