Saturday, May 29, 2010

June Frontier order due

Just a reminder to get your Frontier order in by this Monday night. The order will be placed Tuesday morning.

Marie :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Soapnuts are here!

The soapnuts arrived this evening. Feel free to stop by anytime tomorrow and pick up your order. Please do call first 869-2609 to confirm that I will be home when you come by!
Thanks and see you all soon!

DIY Sunscreen/Bug Repellent

The only way to TRULLY know what is in it is to make it yourself. I think I am there, this is all so freaking ridiculous!!!!! Please if you find a recipe you really like post it in the comments!

Sunscreen: (NO ZINC??)

Bug Repellent:

Mexitan, putting off the order, please read!!

I was referred to an article from the EWG (Environmental Working Group) which has some new information about Sunscreens. One of the topics really jumped out at me, it was about a seemingly harmless ingredient in all of Mexitans Sunscreens (only thoes with an SPF factor) and 41% of other bands on the market. I am talking about Vitamin A in the form of “retinyl palmitate” or “retinol” and when applied to the skin in the presence of sunlight, may speed the development of skin tumors and lesions. This is enough to deter me personally from ever using a sunscreen with this ingredient. (see below for exerpt and link to whole article)

I will still be ordering their bug repelant, Skedattle, as it has gotten rave reviews and based on what I could find actaully works.

My goal is to place the order this afternoon if possible, I will be emailing everyone who placed an order to see what they want to do. This delay in ordering means that the order will arrive just before or after I move, so I will need to have the order shipped to someone elses house for sorting and picking up (any volunteers???)

Full article:

5. The common sunscreen ingredient vitamin A may speed the development of cancer.
Recently available data from an FDA study indicate that a form of vitamin A, retinyl palmitate, when applied to the skin in the presence of sunlight, may speed the development of skin tumors and lesions (NTP 2009). This evidence is troubling because the sunscreen industry adds vitamin A to 41 percent of all sunscreens.

The industry puts vitamin A in its formulations because it is an anti-oxidant that slows skin aging. That may be true for lotions and night creams used indoors, but FDA recently conducted a study of vitamin A’s photocarcinogenic properties, the possibility that it results in cancerous tumors when used on skin exposed to sunlight. Scientists have known for some time that vitamin A can spur excess skin growth (hyperplasia), and that in sunlight it can form free radicals that damage DNA (NTP 2000).

In FDA’s one-year study, tumors and lesions developed up to 21 percent sooner in lab animals coated in a vitamin A-laced cream (at a concentration of 0.5%) than animals treated with a vitamin-free cream. Both groups were exposed to the equivalent of just nine minutes of maximum intensity sunlight each day.

It’s an ironic twist for an industry already battling studies on whether their products protect against skin cancer. The FDA data are preliminary, but if they hold up in the final assessment, the sunscreen industry has a big problem. In the meantime, EWG recommends that consumers avoid sunscreens with vitamin A (look for “retinyl palmitate” or “retinol” on the label). Read more.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Azure Location Poll, PLEASE VOTE!!!

Hey everyone, We would like to have a total of 4 drop locations in Vegas that we are a part of. My drop which was located near 215 and S. Durango is hopefully going to be splitting into 3 new drops:
Gayle - near 215 and Cheyenne
PinkPeas - near Sahara and Decatur (In the Trader Joes Parking Lot)
Tirrsa - I-15 and Blue Diamond (in the Target Shopping Center)

Cecilias drop, near 215 and N Decatur is staying the same!

In order for this to work, I need to make sure we have enough people for EVERY DROP. I don't want to leave my loyal participants in the south part of town without a reasonably close drop point. So PLEASE vote in the poll, but ONLY ONCE so that we make sure the south drop will still have enough participants. I am MOST concerned with the South Drop, so thoes who are interested make sure you vote !!!!!

We will keep you all posted as soon as the details are worked out.


Maggies Soap Nuts ORDER PLACED!!

I placed the Maggie Order this morning (sorry yesterday was busy). He said they should go out today and should be here in a few days. I'll let you know as soon as they arrive. I will need everyone to pick up in a timely manner since we are moving very soon!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Azure Drop Address correction

Hey guys sorry, someone pointed it out that I made a typo on Tirrsa's address. Here is the correct address:

8497 Prince of Tides Ct.
Las Vegas, NV 89113

See you all soon!

Azure update 5/24

The driver is about 5mins away from the drop before us so he is now thinking 9pm sharp! Lets plan for that so meet you guys soon...

Updated time for 5/24 Azure drop

Just talked with the driver, he said he was detained for a moment which put him behind. He now estimates the drop for a little after 9pm...Ill call him in a couple hours and update again!

Azure drop tonight 5/24

Hi everyone,

Im Tirrsa, looking forward to meeting you all tonight! I just talked to the driver, and he is thinking around 8:30 for our stop. I'll keep you updated so keep checking in...I'm calling him around 6pm to check back in. Thanks :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Azure Drop Location Change!!!

Okay It is official I have found someone to take over my drop AND IT IS EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY SO THE DROP THIS MONTH WILL BE AT HER HOUSE. The good news is she is literally a few blocks from house. Her name is Tirrsa and her address is 8497 Price of Tides Ct., 89113. From now on she will be posting all updates for the drop via the blog. I will be there this month for back up and to say goodbye to you all. It has been a great experience and I thank you all for being a part of it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Healthy School Lunches!!!

Hey everyone,
I just got this Letter and wanted to pass it on. Please, even if it is only $1 or $2, donate. Help them get our children healthy Schoool Lunches. AND then please copy and paste and e-mail it to everyone you know!!! Together we can help make the change!


I don't think one more day should go by where a school has to serve children processed pizza or frozen chicken by-product for lunch.

But Congress is still thinking about delaying legislation that would bring the biggest improvements to the National School Lunch Program in its sixty-year history. Schools may have to wait at least another year for change.

Can you make a donation today to help secure healthier school lunches for our nation's children?

In the last few days, the Slow Food network has stepped up in a big way, sending over 35,000 letters to Congress. It's clear that public awareness about childhood obesity is at an all-time high. People understand that it's time to change the way America eats. And for more than 31 million children, school lunch is critical.

But public awareness isn't enough - we have to turn it into action. That's where you come in. As legislators turn their attention to this fall's elections, we need your donation to help keep up the pressure.

We also need your gift to support hundreds of new projects that our volunteer leaders are starting in communities across the country. Through school garden and education programs and initiatives to expand fresh, local food options in underserved neighborhoods, our volunteer leaders are helping kids develop the healthy eating habits that will last throughout their lives.

There's never been so much potential for change. Please make your donation to Slow Food USA today and help support our nationwide effort to protect children's health.

With thanks,

Josh Viertel

Azure is ON this month, Orders Due 4pm today!

There is a chance it may be dropped of at a different location that within blocks of my house, a different street off Oquendo. I will post when it is for sure. Either way, get your orders in TODAY by 4pm!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Maggies Soap Nuts order due!

Okay it is FINALLY that time. I want to place the order on the morning of Monday, May 24th, so please, if you haven't already, get your orders on the spreadsheet and send your payments by the Sunday May 23rd!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mexitan-All Natural Sunscreen!!!!

We are on board for another coop. I personally use this brand and LOVE it! We have never had a sunburn when using it! rated them #1 in safety,too!

They have everything from Dark Tanning Oil to SPF 50, as well as mousturizing lotions, Sunless Tanning Spray AND NOW Bug Repellant, called Skedattle!!

Check them out here:
And here are their wholesale prices.
Prices of course will be based on how many items we order, so check the google doc often to see where we are at. Prices based on TOTAL items NOT each type of items, woo hoo!!!

Since I am moving in a couple of weeks (we have to be in Salinas by June 8th) I will be placing this order very quickly!

  • PAYMENTS DUE ON MAY25TH!! (we will NOT know totals until after we have a final order, so wait until the 25th to pay)
See Payment Page for Payment Details!!!

To Order
On the homepage of the blog, click the link "Contact us for Google Login" if you do not already have the information to access our account for google docs.
Once you have the Username and Password:
Go to, click on “G-mail” on the top of the page.
Enter the Username and Password
Click on “documents” (upper left hand side of page)
click on Mexitan-Due 5/23/2010 and add you order.

NOTE: If you have a gmail account then share the document with yourself so you don't have to log in and out.

It's Official, I am moving!!!

We are moving to Salinas, Ca in early June so we need to get everything in order to make this transition as smooth as possible. This is a bitter sweet move for us. We have found an amazing community here in Las Vegas and I will miss each of you. However my husband and I have been trying to get back to California for many year and are very excited! I sincerely hope that this blog and these co-ops continue to Flourish and grow. I wish good health and happiness to you all.

A few of you have already contacted me about taking over one or more co-ops. Below is a list of each co-op/job that needs to be taken over and a short description of what each will entail.

Frontier - I am looking for two people, possibly three. I want to have someone in the Henderson/South East Las Vegas area and someone in the South West Las Vegas. We already have someone in the North West part of town to take over that area and if we get enough interest in the North East Part of town and someone would like to be in charge of that as well, then great! Running this co-op entails setting up an Google Doc Spreadsheet each month, Posting reminders on the Blog, placing each months orders on the website (copy/pasting item numbers, verifying each items price and each persons total), updating prices and totals on the spreadsheet, paying for the order with your credit card (which means you get the points ; ), sorting the order when it arrives and arranging pick-ups. I will teach you how I do it (thanks to a LOT of trial and error) to save you valuable time!

Azure - Posting reminders on the Blog, communicating with others who want to use your drop location, communicating with the truck driver about delivery time, being in charge of "running" the drop (writing and laying out name signs for the orders to be placed on, handing out orders from driver, making sure everyone got everything, signing for the order, making arrangements with thoes who could NOT help unload to pick up their items, etc). Some of the details you will be able to change since it will be "your DROP".

Beef Order - MUST BE AVAILABLE ON THURSDAYS BETWEEN 11am and 1pm Orders may be as often as every month or as infrequent as every 4 months. Communicating and placing orders with Ryan at Bar10Ranch. Paying for the order with a Credit Card (you may be able to make other arrangements with Ryan, like having people pay cash upon pick-up) Making sure everyone who has ordered knows when and where to pick up their beef. Possibly taking some of the orders to your home or place of work after the Farmers Market is over for later pick-ups.

Other Temporary Co-ops - These will be similar to the Frontier Orders and be assigned when someone finds a good deal!

We also need a Blog e-mail Response Person. Google only allows e-mails to be forwarded to one email address and with so many people running the different co-ops, we really need someone who can be responsible for checking e-mails daily and forwarding on to appropriate co-op organizer as well as responding to general questions and making general changes to the blog when necessary.

I will be changing the way people contact the blog Organizers. ALL organizers will have the login information and will be responsible for changing their own co-op information. We will have a list of the organizers names and which co-ops they run. Interested parties will then e-mail the Response Person (via the contact link) with the name of the co-op and organizer in the subject line. The response person will forward them on. Each organizer will then handle their own e-mails. This is to protect everyones privacy. It will also allow each organizer to easily decide how to keep track of their participants. I ask that you respond to all emails within 48 hours, to help keep the integrity of the blog.


Well, I think that about covers it. All emails will still come to me for the time being so if you have any questions or are interested, PLEASE email me!

Thank you,
Keslie : )

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bountiful Baskets Still Available

There are a number of new locations to get your Bountiful Baskets this week, with quite a few still available as of now (9:10pm Tuesday night).

Organic Sites with spaces:
Boulder City (30 baskets)
Las Vegas Northwest - Mountain Crest Park (10 baskets)
Las Vegas Northwest - Sunny Springs Park (40 baskets)
Las Vegas Airport Area - Well Rounded Mama (16 baskets)

Please see our Bountiful Baskets Information Page or their website

Monday, May 3, 2010

Need new Organizers!!!

Hey everyone,

So it is looking like my family will in fact be moving. While we are still not 100% sure, I would like to get people who are interested in taking over my co-ops and blog on board and trained in the event that we do move. Sooooo if you are intersted in helping keep this blog running and/or taking over running one or more of my co-ops, PLEASE E-MAIL ME via the Contact Us link.
Thanks in advance,

Frontier Order Complete!

I have placed the May Frontier Order and will post again when I get word on when it will be delivered. All totals are also correct, so go ahead and pay when you are ready!