Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Frontier time

Hello Friends,

The Frontier spreadsheet is now up for you to enter your Frontier order.

Here is the link to the September sales catalog...

Please try to get your order on the spreadsheet by Saturday and I will plan to work on it Sunday. If anyone needs more time I can wait but you'll need to let me know. Once I have $250 I will submit the order. If you are in the southwest you can pick up from me but if you are closer to downtown you can pick up from Amy but you will have to wait till I am able to get your order to her. Check the spreadsheet for updates.

~ Marie

Las Vegas Herb Co Op

Hi there!  I hope your summer was full of good times, big smiles and lots of laughter.
We're gearing up for the September Herb order... 

Please gather your list by visiting the Mountain Rose Herb's website here and email me by SEPTEMBER 3rd (next Monday) with the items of what you'd like.  Please include item numbers or defining words/sizes if there's any chance of confusion on your order.  ie,organic version and a regular version, or sweet cinnamon chips vs. cassis chips, powder vs. bark/root,  Organic vs Non-Organic, etc. Every order will be charged $6 for shipping and be responsible for review of their order BY Sept 5th, this is important so our order can be placed on the 6th. The more orders we get, the larger the discount becomes, see below for more info.

Contact me at or 702-480-8702 if you have any questions. 


We order as a groups to receive 15% discount from Mountain Rose Herbs on all items, as well as a larger discount on bulk herbs when we get to a large volume, up to 30% off of dried herbs and teas when we order in 1 pound sizes.   
1. Each member will view the Mountain Rose Herbs website and choose what they'd like to order and email their order to me by midnight on the 3rd of each month. Please include the item number if there's any chance of confusion on your order.  ie, and organic version and a regular version, or sweet cinnamon chips vs. cassis chips. etc. I will tally up the order, apply the 15% discount and also apply a $6/per person shipping fee.  Shipping for large items will be additional.
2. I will email you the total amount of your order, including the discount and shipping. Shipping will be $6 per order or more if you order large items (ie 5 gallons of oil or 50# of clay, 15# of herbs, etc).  You will need to confirm the order via email before I place the order, if email is not convienient for this please arrange for phone communication.  
3. You will need to have a paypal account and paypal your total to this email address/paypal.
4. I will place the order on the 3rd this month and notify the group when it's been received and ready for pick up.  The order takes about 10 days to arrive since it get's routed internally for our group discount.  
6. Each person will be responsible for picking up their purchase from my home,  1868 Quartz Landing Ave 89183.

I can occasionally deliver to you, depending on where you are located, I drive between the west and east side of the valley at least once a week.

thank you for being a part of the LVHC!