Friday, July 23, 2010

August Frontier spreadsheet ready

For those who want to order Frontier through Marie's southwest location...the August spreadsheet is posted and you can begin entering your order. Please get it entered by the evening of Sunday, August 1st as I will try to start working on it sometime on Monday. Please check the blog and/or spreadsheet Monday evening or Tuesday morning. If I get it all entered Monday I will want to submit by 2pm on Tuesday.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Urgent Message!!

Hi Everyone!

Just talked with Ryan....

He would appreciate everyone being as early as possible...
He will be arriving at 10:30 and would like to be finished by 11:30...
only because he doesn't want your beef to spoil in the sun!!

Thanks Folks!


(might call or text people I have numbers for in the morning... in case you don't see this! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

GOT BEEF - Grass Feed Beef

Hi guys!!

The beef order has been placed!! Remember it is this coming thursday, the 22nd of July! You can pickup the beef between 11am & 1pm at the Molto Farmers Market..located at the following:
7485 Dean Martin Drive, Suite

See you thursday....

p.s. I do know that other arrangments have been made for some of you :)

Thanks, Tirrsa

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Frontier catalog!

Hey all Frontier people...make sure if you have the Frontier PDF catalog saved on your computer that it is the new version not the 2009 -2010. The links on the blog take you to the correct version but here is the link also

Be sure to delete the old one from your computer first. :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

For those who ordered Frontier this month...

The order has arrived. Call before you want to pickup to make sure I'm home. Just a reminder...if you didn't get an email with my # and address you'll need to let me know by posting a comment or using the "contact us" link. Thanks

~ Marie

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Details on the Beef Order Are In!!

Hello everyone,

I talked with Ryan, we have decided on a happy median of the 22nd of July for delivery!
Payments would be needed by the 16th of July, and do it by the 2 or more cow price bracket!
Cash and Check may be mailed to the following:
Tirrsa Isom
7150 Mineral Park Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89179

Credit Cards please call me:702-250-2363

The blogs paypal account may be used if needed because a dear soul has offered to figure that out for us :)

I have tried to respond to everyone that I have an order on personally so if I haven't responded to you...I might not have received it!!
Please email me your order at:
don't just put it on the spreadsheet cuz I'm really not going by that.......

Thanks everyone, tirrsa

Friday, July 2, 2010

Frontier order placed

The Frontier order was place today. I'll post when I get the shipping confirmation and when it's arrived and sorted. If this was your 1st time ordering with me you should have received an email with my personal info. Don't forget to check your spam folder :) If you didn't get it or need my info again use the "contact us" link & I will get a hold of you. You may want to include your phone #. The spreadsheet is also updated with totals for those of you who want to do paypal. As long as you submit paypal before you come to pickup or pay me at pickup it is OK to wait. No need to confirm with me when you are paying, etc. Thanks

~ Marie

NW Frontier order

Hello Everyone

There will be a Frontier pickup in the NW area of the valley near Buffalo/US 95. Due to unforeseen circumstances, July's order will not be placed until the 15th. Policies and procedures for this drop will be slightly different than the SW pickup. If you would like more information or to place an order, please use the "contact us" form with "Stephanie, NW Frontier order" in the subject line.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Email - Everyone please read!

Please do not hit reply and send emails to the Living Healthy blog updates that are sent daily (if there has been a post). They are going to an inactive email. You need to either post a comment directly on the blog, use the "contact us link" or email the person you are trying to get a hold of directly.

Please check your Frontier order

Those who ordered Frontier this month...please check your order by noon Friday. I want to submit the order by then otherwise it might not get placed until Monday. If you need to add/delete/or change something please put a clear note on the side so I know what's changed. Thanks
~ Marie


I'll be working on the Frontier spreadsheet now. Check back tonight to check your order. I'll post when I have totals done.

~ Marie