Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's Official, I am moving!!!

We are moving to Salinas, Ca in early June so we need to get everything in order to make this transition as smooth as possible. This is a bitter sweet move for us. We have found an amazing community here in Las Vegas and I will miss each of you. However my husband and I have been trying to get back to California for many year and are very excited! I sincerely hope that this blog and these co-ops continue to Flourish and grow. I wish good health and happiness to you all.

A few of you have already contacted me about taking over one or more co-ops. Below is a list of each co-op/job that needs to be taken over and a short description of what each will entail.

Frontier - I am looking for two people, possibly three. I want to have someone in the Henderson/South East Las Vegas area and someone in the South West Las Vegas. We already have someone in the North West part of town to take over that area and if we get enough interest in the North East Part of town and someone would like to be in charge of that as well, then great! Running this co-op entails setting up an Google Doc Spreadsheet each month, Posting reminders on the Blog, placing each months orders on the website (copy/pasting item numbers, verifying each items price and each persons total), updating prices and totals on the spreadsheet, paying for the order with your credit card (which means you get the points ; ), sorting the order when it arrives and arranging pick-ups. I will teach you how I do it (thanks to a LOT of trial and error) to save you valuable time!

Azure - Posting reminders on the Blog, communicating with others who want to use your drop location, communicating with the truck driver about delivery time, being in charge of "running" the drop (writing and laying out name signs for the orders to be placed on, handing out orders from driver, making sure everyone got everything, signing for the order, making arrangements with thoes who could NOT help unload to pick up their items, etc). Some of the details you will be able to change since it will be "your DROP".

Beef Order - MUST BE AVAILABLE ON THURSDAYS BETWEEN 11am and 1pm Orders may be as often as every month or as infrequent as every 4 months. Communicating and placing orders with Ryan at Bar10Ranch. Paying for the order with a Credit Card (you may be able to make other arrangements with Ryan, like having people pay cash upon pick-up) Making sure everyone who has ordered knows when and where to pick up their beef. Possibly taking some of the orders to your home or place of work after the Farmers Market is over for later pick-ups.

Other Temporary Co-ops - These will be similar to the Frontier Orders and be assigned when someone finds a good deal!

We also need a Blog e-mail Response Person. Google only allows e-mails to be forwarded to one email address and with so many people running the different co-ops, we really need someone who can be responsible for checking e-mails daily and forwarding on to appropriate co-op organizer as well as responding to general questions and making general changes to the blog when necessary.

I will be changing the way people contact the blog Organizers. ALL organizers will have the login information and will be responsible for changing their own co-op information. We will have a list of the organizers names and which co-ops they run. Interested parties will then e-mail the Response Person (via the contact link) with the name of the co-op and organizer in the subject line. The response person will forward them on. Each organizer will then handle their own e-mails. This is to protect everyones privacy. It will also allow each organizer to easily decide how to keep track of their participants. I ask that you respond to all emails within 48 hours, to help keep the integrity of the blog.


Well, I think that about covers it. All emails will still come to me for the time being so if you have any questions or are interested, PLEASE email me!

Thank you,
Keslie : )

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