Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Azure Location Poll, PLEASE VOTE!!!

Hey everyone, We would like to have a total of 4 drop locations in Vegas that we are a part of. My drop which was located near 215 and S. Durango is hopefully going to be splitting into 3 new drops:
Gayle - near 215 and Cheyenne
PinkPeas - near Sahara and Decatur (In the Trader Joes Parking Lot)
Tirrsa - I-15 and Blue Diamond (in the Target Shopping Center)

Cecilias drop, near 215 and N Decatur is staying the same!

In order for this to work, I need to make sure we have enough people for EVERY DROP. I don't want to leave my loyal participants in the south part of town without a reasonably close drop point. So PLEASE vote in the poll, but ONLY ONCE so that we make sure the south drop will still have enough participants. I am MOST concerned with the South Drop, so thoes who are interested make sure you vote !!!!!

We will keep you all posted as soon as the details are worked out.


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