Saturday, January 28, 2012

Grass-Fed Beef Order

Hello Everyone

It’s beef time again! The next orders and payments will be due by Sunday February 12th with delivery being on Thursday February 16th at 11am. This beef is coming from Bar 10 Beef located in Utah, their website is, they raise 100% grass fed and finished beef.

Pricelist with package descriptions:

One or more cows:
1/12 $183
1/6 $366
1/4 $550
1/2 $1100
1 $2200

1/12 is equal to: 2 New York Strip or T-Bone Steaks, 2 Rib or Ribeye Steaks, 2 Top Sirloin Steaks(boneless), 15lbs of Ground Steak, 3lbs of Patties, 9-10lbs of Roasts, 4lbs.of Kabob, Stew, or Cube Steak…..approx.34-35lbs of Beef.

1/6 is equal to double of the above

1/4 is equal to: 6 Ribeyes, 6 New York Strips, 6 Top Sirloins Steaks, 45lbs of Ground Steak, 9lbs. of Ground Steak Patties, approx. 27lbs. of Roasts, approx. 6lbs. of Kabob, Stew, or Cube Steak….approx.105lbs of Beef

1/2 is equal to: 12 Ribeyes, 12 New Yorks, 12 Top Sirloins, 90lbs of Ground Steak, 18lbs. of Ground Steak Patties, approx. 54lbs of Roasts, approx.12lbs of Kabob, Stew or Cube Steak….approx. 210lbs of Beef

1 whole Beef is equal to: 24 Ribeyes, 24 New Yorks, 24 Top Sirloins, 180 lbs. of Ground Steak, 36 lbs. of Ground Steak Patties, approx. 110 lbs. of Roasts, Approx. 22lbs.of Kabob, Stew, or Cube Steak…..approx. 420lbs of Beef

We can order in these large quantities so be sure to share with your friends if you feel like the smallest package is still to much!! It is all individually wrapped so splitting is made rather easy…and no one can beat the pricing!!

How To Order:

Go to Please indicate what package you would like to order. I will email your total, if paying paypal please send it to (remember to hit the personal tab then payment owed) and if paying with cash please bring exact change when you pick up and pay Bar 10 directly.

Where To Pickup

February 16th is pickup.

The 1/12, 1/6, and 1/4 orders all come packed in boxes with insulation, so there is no need to bring a cooler. If you ordered one of the “other packages” it may come in bags. The beef is frozen so you will not need a cooler if you are going straight home.

The address is: ( I am working on more drop locations, I will keep you updated!)

7540 Dean Martin Dr. Unit #508,
Las Vegas, NV 89139

Pick up will be at 11am. Any questions feel free to email me at

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