Saturday, October 1, 2011

Herb co-op

It's that time again to place our group order for the Las Vegas Herb Co-Op. Please visit Mountain Rose Herb's website and email me at the items, with sizes/quantities of what you'd like. The deadline to place your order is the 3rd (Monday night). I've included the instructions for ordering below and also ask that you include the item number if there's any chance of confusion on your order. ie, and organic version and a regular version, or sweet cinnamon chips vs. cassis chips. Organic vs Non-Organic, etc.

I am going to move forward with separating the Organic Coconut Oil from last month. I know a few of you are interested in some of it, I have clean, unused glass jars that I have sanitized for distribution. I'll have this task completed to distribute to you all with October's order. The cost is $59/gallon. $30/half gallon. Please let me know how much you'd like.

For our next meeting I'm considering having a 'shopping mall' type event where we can all showcase any goods that we make and sell. It would take a collective effort to make it worth while for all of us, including inviting your friends who are not members of the co-op to shop homemade gifts for the holidays. Please let me know if you have any interest in an event like this. It would be scheduled for early November. If you have a craft/item that you hand craft and would like to be able to set up and sell it at this event please contact me.

Thank you,
Christine Frazzitta
Keep it Simple. Keep it Pure. Keep it Real

We can still order as a group and receive the 15% discount from Mountain Rose Herbs on all items, as well as a larger discount on bulk herbs when we get to a large volume, (up to 40% off of dried herbs and teas) when we order in 1# sizes.

1. Each member will view the Mountain Rose Herbs website and choose what they'd like to order and email their order to me at by midnight on the 3rd of each month. Please include the item number if there's any chance of confusion on your order. ie, and organic version and a regular version, or sweet cinnamon chips vs. cassis chips. etc. I will tally up the order, apply the 15% discount and also apply a $5/per person shipping fee.

2. I will email you the total amount of your order, including the discount and shipping.

3. You will need to have a paypal account and paypal your total to this email address/paypal account by 5pm on the 5th of the month.

4. I will place the order on the 6th and notify the group that it's been received and sort the products. The order takes about 10-12 days to arrive since it get's routed internally for our group discount.

6. Each person will be responsible for picking up their purchase from my home, I live just N of Sunset between Green Valley Pkwy. and Pecos. If we are able to establish an additional drop to make it more convenient for the group, please volunteer if you can be an additional pick up spot. I can occasionally deliver to you, depending on where you are located, I drive between the west and east side of the valley at least once a week.

** Let me know if you'd rather not receive emails regarding the LVHC in the future. I'm almost set up for a mail server where you can subscribe/unsubscribe. Thanks for your patience with all of this! C

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Keep it Real said...

If you are trying to order this month, and emailing through this blog please send me your contact information, email and or phone number. I received some orders that I can't contact people on :)
thanks! Christine

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