Sunday, August 21, 2011


It has been a long time since the last co-op order for soap nuts. If you've never heard of the nuts or never used them, you can read all about them here. You can save a bundle on laundry detergent - I have stretched my 2 kilos out over 2 years! And I wash everything with the nuts, even cloth diapers.

Our last order was with Maggie's Pure Land soap nuts - since then Maggie's has gone out of business. Green Virgin Products will sell to us at super prices! The cost of shipping will be based on the weight of our order and will be split among those who order. You will find the spreadsheet in the usual place ;-)

The below price list is based on 1 kilo bags. Bags of 500 grams or 250 grams are $1 more. The 1 kilo bag includes 3 wash bags, the 500 gram includes 2 wash bags and the 250 gram includes 1 wash bag.

5-10 kilos $16.95 per kilo equal to $7.70 per pound.
11-20 kilos $15.95 per kilo equal to $7.25 per pound
21-40 kilos $14.95 per kilo equal to $6.79 per pound
41-99 kilos $13.95 per kilo equal to $6.34 per pound
100-200 kilos $11.95 per kilo equal to $5.40 per pound

If you are interested in their other products, here is the price list. We probably won't meet the minimum to get the wholesale price on these other products. We can then order these at a 12% from the retail price.

Moringa tea is $7.99 per package of 30 tea bags - minimum order of 48 pieces.
The moringa powder is $6.99 per 150 gram package - minimum of 48 pieces.

The deodorant stones are $2.99 each with a minimum order of 24 pieces.

Stainless steel bottles
350ml bottles are $3.79 each minimum of 25
750ml bottles are $3.95 each minimum of 25
1200ml bottles are $4.10 each minmum of 25

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Carolyn said...

Hello ladies! I tried to "contact you" but could never get the word verification code right. So I will leave a comment here and hope you get this.

We just moved back into town after being gone for over 15 years. I would love to join some of the co-ops and especially place an order with the soap nuts

Please let me know what I need to do for my order. And also if there is anything else I can help with.

Thanks! Carolyn

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