Saturday, July 3, 2010

Details on the Beef Order Are In!!

Hello everyone,

I talked with Ryan, we have decided on a happy median of the 22nd of July for delivery!
Payments would be needed by the 16th of July, and do it by the 2 or more cow price bracket!
Cash and Check may be mailed to the following:
Tirrsa Isom
7150 Mineral Park Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89179

Credit Cards please call me:702-250-2363

The blogs paypal account may be used if needed because a dear soul has offered to figure that out for us :)

I have tried to respond to everyone that I have an order on personally so if I haven't responded to you...I might not have received it!!
Please email me your order at:
don't just put it on the spreadsheet cuz I'm really not going by that.......

Thanks everyone, tirrsa

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Anonymous said...

Is it too late to order the Beef? I emailed you and left a voicemail as well. Keslie told me to put my name on the spreadsheet, which I did. I didn't know I was supposed to check back here.
Please call or email me! I want to order THREE of the Beef Sampler package.
Faith Harmer

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