Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beef Update :)

Hello everyone,

I have talked with Ryan recently and he stated that he was going to be here next week...he can fill the order then, but I didn't think we could be ready for payment and submission so soon. I hope you don't mind, but I have it set for approx. Aug.12th (he stated 2nd week of Aug.)...but if the majority would rather for next week July 8th....I'm game :) I would need payment by the 6th so that we can get it in time...
my address is:
7150 Mineral Park Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89179

*credit cards, Im willing to take them, but it would be charged under my family business & it also takes a percentage we would have to cover...nothing much, $5 would be suffice for sure!

Email me quick if we are shooting for the 8th!!!
Thanks, tirrsa

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GG said...

I cannot order for July 8, I'll be on holiday and not able to pick up.

Thank you!
Giuseppina Gatta

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