Monday, March 15, 2010

CLOSED - Jade and Pearl

Jade and Pearl
We are able to get Wholesale pricing from Jade and Pearl! This is an AMAZING website designed mostly for Women. I will be placing the order on March 26th! The price sheet says you need to order 12 of something to get the whole sale price, this does not apply to us, order as many of whatever you would like!

Check out their website:

View the Jade and Pearl Pricelist

On the homepage of the blog, click the link "Contact us for Google Login" if you do not already have the information to access our account for google docs.
Once you have the Username and Password:
Go to, click on “G-mail” on the top of the page.
Enter the Username and Password
Click on “documents” (upper left hand side of page)
Go to the Jade and Pearl Order Sheet.
NOTE: If you have a gmail account then share the document with yourself so you don't have to log in and out.

How to Pay:

Prior to us placing this order all totals must be paid IN FULL. Once everyone has put their orders on the spreadsheet they will all be totaled up and the totals will be on their respective spreadsheets in bold. You may pay in Cash or with PayPal: Funded or Credit/Debit card (you pay all fees) PRIOR to the payment deadline (to be determined and posted at a later time).
Please refer to the Payments Page for more details.

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Bob & Kelli H said...

Hi Keslie-
When is the payment deadline on this? Should i just make a trip to your home if I want to pay you in cash? Thanks.

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